4 thoughts on “2023 Schedule Now Available”

  1. Hi,

    I am Nenita from Melbourne. Is there any course happening here in Melbourne. pls inform me if there’s any.

    Thank you:


    1. Hi Nenita,
      We just ran a course in Melbourne in June. Our next Melbourne course is scheduled for 15-16 June 2024.
      Please like our facebook page to keep updated with all our courses. We can also add you to our mailing list.
      Hope to see you!

    1. Hi Ying,

      Unfortunately we won’t be coming to Adelaide in 2024 🙁
      We have our Module 1 running on 15-16 June 2024 in Melbourne if you are willing to travel.
      I can add you to our mailing list so if we come to Adelaide in the future you will be notified.

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