Chris O’Brien

Chris O’Brien DRM,Dip Nut,CPT,RSCT has been in private practice since 1998 and holds Diplomas in Craniosacral Therapy, Nutrition and Remedial Massage; Certificates in Myofascial Release and Personal Training. He has undertaken extensive training in Craniosacral Therapy with Upledger Institute. Chris has taught in Sydney Natural Therapy Colleges for 15 years, developing courses for the Australasian College of Natural Therapies.

Chris developed Core Body Therapy in 2003 delivering high quality courses in Myofascial Release to practitioners from various modalities including massage therapists, physiotherapists, pilates instructors, personal trainers, exercise physiologists and speech pathologists. Core Body Therapy has become one of the leading institutions for Myofascial Release Training giving practitioners hands-on training to treat conditions seen in your practice on a daily basis. Core Body Therapy endeavours to teach a solid foundation in musculoskeletal and myofascial anatomy with a hands-on approach to learning through ample practical time to complete the cognitive and kinaesthetic approach.
Core Body Therapy fosters an environment of curiosity and exploration to ensure active engagement by all participants. The focus of these courses is to offer high quality training that will not only improve clinical results but also deliver a profound understanding of the musculoskeletal and myofascial system and the development of the therapists tactile skills to the highest level.

Chris opened The Sydney Myofascial Release Centre in 2001 where his complete system of bodywork, Core Body Therapy can be put into practice. Treatment clinic is located in Crows Nest, Sydney

Chris’ comprehensive training in Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue massage, SomatoEmotional® Release and Hypnotherapy, coupled with his knowledge of Nutrition and Fitness give him the leading edge and is considered an expert in his field.

Course Recognition & CPE

IICT – The international Institute for Complimentary Therapists – Core Body Therapy is a Platinum Training Provider with IICT. Once you have graduated with your Professional Certificate in Myofascial Release from Core Body Therapy, you are eligible to join IICT and receive professional membership and insurance.

ATMS – Australian Traditional Medicine Society – Endorsed Education Activity for CPE for individual modules & electives completed.

ANTA – Australian Natural Therapists Association – Endorsed Education Activity for CPE for individual modules & electives completed.

Massage & Myotherapy Australia Endorsed Education Activity for CPE for individual modules & electives completed.

Massage Association of Australia Endorsed Education Activity for CPE for individual modules & electives completed.

Pilates Alliance Australasia Endorsed Education Activity for PDP for individual modules & electives completed. 

Chris’s Myofascial Release Courses provided a real deepening into the fascial network with practical protocols on how to treat Jaw/Neck/Pelvic/lower back/shoulder problems and Headaches. As an invaluable part, you also learn so much more about the body’s inherent wisdom and how the body and it’s nervous system works as Chris’s passionate teaching goes beyond the pure musculoskeletal structure and fascial network of the body into the deeper realms of emotional and physical holding patterns, fascial unwinding and healing from the inside to the outside.

Christine S.

Chris was one of my teachers during my Diploma of Remedial Massage study in 2004. In the first lesson, Chris started explaining that myofascial work can impact not only the physical, but the emotional and spiritual realms. I was the sceptic up the back, only just out of a university course that was based on hard science, and now, here was a system that claimed to work on the body as a whole (not just the ‘physical’ system).
By the end of the lesson, I had a huge physical and emotional release by working on one muscle alone, and…quite simply… I was hooked. Chris opened my eyes from the onset of the possibilities of this work, how profound it can be. This start, all the way back in my first lesson, has fueled an exciting journey for me that I still explore today as a Physiotherapist.
As a Physio, I still refer clients to Chris, and continue to drop in for my own treatments. He has a great understanding of the body, mechanical and otherwise and is so open to learning/exploring and the possibility of change that all sorts of results can be achieved. It takes a very gifted person to bridge both worlds of practitioner and teacher so effortlessly.

Liz Noad, Physiotherapist

I had 5 treatments from Chris for my TMJ syndrome and other problems. My coccyx is bent 90 degrees but he found it is slightly bent to the left even before checking the x-ray photo. My TMJ is now very smooth and never make annoying clicking or popping sound. The best outcome is my stubborn headache is completely gone! I am having a headache free life now. Thank you very much Chris! I highly recommend Chris’s treatment as well as his courses.

Yuki S.

Chris was my lecturer at Nature Care College and I have done many of his courses since graduating. He is a wonderful practitioner and excellent teacher. I have now had a successful massage/myofascial practice for 8 years and use the techniques taught by Chris every day.

Rachael Cunningham, Vocalease Massage

I have known Chris O’Brien for 12 years, I have completed 102 hours of training with Chris. I owe my success as a Professional Body Worker to Chris’ methods of teaching. The proof is the number of clients who have walked through my door over the past 12 years. I would have to say he is my mentor. Chris conducts his classes with integrity, clarity, patience and in a professional manner. His knowledge and skills are demonstrated for all to comprehend. I would not hesitate to recommend his training methods to new recruits in the massage industry.

Beryl T.

Chris is a fantastic therapist, and he may be an even better teacher. His teaching is clear, direct, and infused with a great generosity of spirit. I always learn a lot from Chris’s courses, and I always have fun, too! Highly recommended.

Andrew K.

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