Marisa Dempsey

Taringa Street, Ashfield NSW 2131
Beautiful Tantra Sydney

Hi, I’m Marisa. I’m a gifted Tantric Practitioner based in Ashfield, Sydney.

Besides my Tantric Massage Sessions for singles and couples, I offer Myofascial Release/Cranio Sacral Therapy Sessions that are deeply relaxing and restorative for your body.

I also offer Pelvic De-armouring, which focuses more specifically on relaxing and releasing tight muscles in and connected to the pelvic area. These sessions help with sexual blockages that relate to conditions such as premature ejaculation, erectile issues, vaginismus, tight/painful pelvic floor, or lack of enjoyment of sex. Trapped energies and experiences held in the pelvic region are released in a safe and gentle way, leaving you feeling more confident, relaxed and grounded.

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