Module 4 – Advanced Myofascial Release


Sydney     8-10 November 2024  1 Place Left

Sydney     21-23 November 2025

A journey into the wisdom of the body/mind through a focused gentle contact connecting with the fascinating phenomenon of fascial unwinding and follow the organic intelligence as it releases, heals, re-patterns and transforms the old through the process of alchemy.
Advanced Myofascial Release makes the transition from classical deep tissue techniques to the more gentle but potentially more powerful techniques of fascial unwinding.
Indirect Myofascial Release – three powerful days of unwinding the fascia, the concept and experience of embodiment, the innate wisdom of the human body, and how it self-corrects and the organic consciousness of the body.

Turning Lead into GOLD

Course Outcomes

The purpose of this course is to bring together all the knowledge gained in previous Core Body Therapy courses in a precise and integrated system of bodywork that equips the practitioner with the skills and knowledge to effectively treat a wide range of conditions.
Upon completion of this course the participant will have learned:

Part I – Thoracic Spine & Rib Cage

  • A myofascial approach to releasing tensions within the thoracic spine and rib cage.
  • Learn how restrictions within the rib cage and spine effect the shoulder joint &cervical spine
  • How to release restrictions in the thoracic spine and rib cage using Myofascial Release
  • The relationship between ideal diaphragm function and activation of the abdominal core
  • Learn how to teach clients correct breathing patterns

Part II – Fascial Unwinding

  • Learn how to locate, palpate and unravel areas of physical and emotional holding within the fascial network
  • Learn the advanced art and practice of fascial unwinding
  • Open and trust the organic intelligence of the body/mind and witness natures healing power

Advance your development as a Healer & Practitioner by gaining techniques and treatment protocols that will dramatically improve your skill, tissue sensitivity and perception.


Manual Therapy BackgroundModule 2 – Applied Myofascial Release  OR  Module 3 – TMJ, Neck & Pelvis

Non-Manual Therapy BackgroundModule 1 – Core Myofascial Release  AND Module 2 – Applied Myofascial Release
It is recommended that non-manual therapists also complete Module 3 – TMJ, Neck & Pelvis prior to attending Module 4.

Course Venue

Sydney | 8-10 November 2024 – Crows Nest Centre
Sydney | 21-23 November 2025 – Crows Nest Centre

Course Recognition & CPE

CT – The international Institute for Complimentary Therapists. Core Body Therapy is a Platinum Training Provider with IICT. Once you have graduated with your Professional Certificate in Myofascial Release from Core Body Therapy, you are eligible to join IICT and receive professional membership and insurance.

ATMS – Australian Traditional Medicine Society– Approved Education Activity for CPE for all courses completed – 24 CPE

ANTA – Australian Natural Therapists Association – Approved Education Activity for CPE for all courses completed – 24 CPE

Massage & Myotherapy Australia – Approved Activity for CPE for all courses completed – 30 CPE

Massage Association of Australia – Approved Education Activity for CPE for all courses completed – 24 CPE per day

Association of Massage Therapists – Approved for CPE upon submission of required reflective activity

Pilates Alliance Australasia – Approved Education Activity for PDP for all courses completed – 10 PDP

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Sydney 21-23 November 2025, Sydney 8-10 November 2024

Able to bring massage table



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