somatoemotional release (ser)

What is SomatoEmotional Release®?

SomatoEmotional Release® is an advanced form of craniosacral therapy developed by Dr. John Upledger, the founder of craniosacral therapy. The aim of this treatment is to release and resolve the effects of emotional and physical results of accidents, trauma and unresolved emotions that are held in the body (SOMA). In Dr Upledgers research he found that chronic injury and pain are rarely resolved unless ones emotions and limiting belief systems are released, and cleared out of the body’s fascia, organs and muscles.

SomatoEmotional Release® Therapy assists this process by addressing the source of the current discomfort and unease by elegantly unwinding and resolving these old holding patterns within the body, engaging the organic feeling intelligence of the bodymind. The highly trained craniosacral therapist follows and supports the unfolding journey as the client lets go of these old emotions, limiting beliefs and holding patterns, moving towards a place of freedom and joy unencumbered by the past.

The SOMA (Body) remembers all that we have ever experienced, all our hurt and pain. These memories are stored in the organic mind of the body so when this stress has not been released or resolved, these impressions solidify in the body, often manifesting in the following ways:

  • Muscular Tension
  • Irritability
  • Aches and pains
  • Low vitality
  • Ongoing sadness and/or anger
  • Numbness

Benefits of SomatoEmotional Release® Therapy

  • Resolution of old aches and pains
  • Clarity of mind
  • A feel of being calm and centred
  • Body/Mind Integration
  • Freedom of movement

What is a SomatoEmotional Release® Session Like?

An SER session is like an inner journey of exploration and profound healing. During the session, both client and therapist relax into a meditative state of consciousness. The therapist starts to work with points of tension and as these points start to soften through a gentle unwinding process, old feelings, sensations, emotions, memories and belief systems float to the surface for the client to be process and resolve. As the client sheds layers and layers of holding within the body/mind, they often enter a state of profound stillness and peace as if floating on a calm warm body of water. An SER session will last between 60-90 minutes.

Your SomatoEmotional Release® Therapist

Chris O’Brien has completed extensive training in Craniosacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release® with the Upledger Institute.
also holding a Diploma of Craniosacral Therapy, has completed well over 400 hours of training and thousands of hours of clinical practice.

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